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Here at Daniels Removal,Transport & Mortuary Storage Service LLC., we are committed to serving you and your business with professionalism body removal, transporting, and cooler storage. 

With Daniels Removal,Transport & Mortuary Storage Service LLC. you will find a supportive staff and a wealth of opportunities for personal service.

500 Hillcrest Ind.Blvd. Suite 2

Macon,Ga 31204


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Robert & Jade


Our facility provides not only the transport services needed but also is equipped with a 9 body steel draw cooler for storage, that is insured and protected by our 24/7 surveillance and alarm system.
  • Pick up and transport from residents,hospitals,nursing           homes,accident/incidents scenes and etc.
  • Pick up and transport from county coroner's holding facilities to GBI Crime Labs in Macon,Ga and Decatur, Ga.
  • Pick up and transport from GBI Crime Labs to funeral home or county coroner's facilities.
  • Pick up and transport to our facility for storage.
  • Will store at our facility if you transport to the facility.
  • Transport from funeral home to funeral home.
  • Transport to and from the Air Port (Atlanta,Ga)
  • We now accept the following cards:Visa,MasterCard,American Express,Discover,Diners Club and JCB
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500 Hillcrest Industrial Blvd. Suite 2, Macon,Ga 31204